Introducing Symbiomer


Symbiomer specializes in the production and primary processing of macroalgae. We are located in Brittany (Côtes d´Armor, 22).

Symbiomer was created in 2017. It is the first company in France to combine 3 production methods of macroalgae:

  • harvesting of shore seaweed (Ascophylum Nodosum…),
  • seaweed fishing (Laminaria Digitata),
  • seaweed cultivation.

Our seaweed harvesting areas spread across the Brittany coastline from Trébeurden in the west to Paimpol in the east (not forgetting the Bréhat archipelago).

Côte de granit Rose - Symbiomer


Harvesting activities are carried out on the basis of unique specifications in terms of sustainable management of ressources. And seaweed farming is carried out using an innovative technological plan (Symbiomer patent).

Our ambition is to become a European leader in the production and primary processing of macroalgae.

We control the whole value chain: from seaweed harvest to delivery

100% of Symbiomer seaweed are harvested in the most emblematic places of Brittany (Perros Guirec, Bréhat islands…)

100% of Symbiomer seaweed are collected and processed by our employees.

This is why we can guarantee a very high degree of traceability and full production being labeled Organic Agriculture (with certificate of analysis provided to the clients).

Production methods

Fucus harvest

Symbiomer harvests throughout the coastline of Côtes-d´Armor and potentially covers all of the species.

4 licenses are dedicated to the harvest of Ascophyllum nodosum, which is a particularly sought-after species in the agricultural sector (biostimulants for plants and animals).

Laminaria fishing operations

With our 2 vessels, we hold licenses allowing us to harvest Laminaria Digitata.

This species is harvested with the scoubidou technique. It is largely used in the cosmetics and agricultural sectors and in texturizers.

Our annual production capacity is approximately 200 tons (dry weight).

Seaweed treatment

Drying method

We operate 9 dryers to process fresh seaweed according to our production volumes. Drying process lasts between 24 and 48 hours.

Symbiomer developed its own low temperature gentle drying technology. Unlike other high temperature processes, our technology doesn’t alter the seaweed, preserving its integrity and all of its nutritional and taste properties.

Crushing operations

The dried seaweed can then be packaged whole or crushed.

We have 3 high-performance crushers. Which makes it possible to adapt the grain size according to the applications and customer specifications (from a few centimeters to a few microns).

Storage, conditioning and delivery

Dried seaweeds retain all their virtues for several months. Symbiomer operates a stock allowing to satisfy our customer demands and respect production season cycle.

Bag, big-bag, bulk… All packaging / delivery methods can be offered to meet your needs and your logistics.

aliments pour chevaux avec des algues

Production Capacity

Yearly production capacity

Species Capacity (in tons) Applications
Ascophyllum nodosum 300 to 550 T Agriculture (animals & plants)
Laminaria digitata 150 to 200 T Agriculture (plants)
Fucus sp 120 to 200 T Agriculture (animals & plants)
Other; Dulse 10 T Human Food
Other; Himanthalia 20 to 40 T Human Food
Other; Wakamé 1 to 2 T Human Food
Other; Laitue 1 to 2 T Human Food
Other; Kombu Royal 1 to 2 T Human Food